Inflation, food prices

Official stats tells us that we have almost no inflation, that, in fact, we are fighting against deflation. Governments tell us that we don't have to worry about the increase in "money printing". At certain point, they say, it will be adequately removed from the monetary system.

We don´t believe it. Inflation is increasing in a much faster way than what politicians say. Probably, the biggest US export is... inflation. It´s being extended everywhere (we will see Asian Real Estate soaring, for sure). Governments cannot control debt anymore and they will try to create inflation (steal from our pockets) to pay their debt.

Just as an example, let's show you this self-explanatory Commodity Food Price Index chart from IMF data:

In 10 years, we have changed from 80 to 170, not bad. And there is even more. In the middle of the crisis, when the markets realized what governments were doing, it moved from 120 (2008) to 170 now.