Our portfolio

Based on the Permanent Portfolio idea, it´s possible to divide one´s portfolio in 3 parts: more than 1/3 stocks, around 1/3 bonds and cash, and less than 1/3 gold. These percentages will be balanced every year, or when they move outside a normal range. We have increased the percentages of stocks and gold from the theoretical ones because we have added the actual value of the future public pension payments. An example with funds, ETFs, and shares can be seen here:

Fix Income: 23%
Mutuafondo Corto Plazo: 9%
Fidelity Global Inflation Linked E EUR Hdg:6%
KBC Renta Nokrenta: 4%
Norwegian Kroner Reserve: 3%
Cash EUR: 1%

Stocks: 44%
Shares (JNJ, MCD, REP, FNT, DHR-FTV): 15%
Pictet Health EUR: 9%
MOO: 7%
DWS Osteuropa: 5%
iShares Chile: US4642866408 (ISIN): 4%
BL Equities Dividend B: 3%
Lyxor ETF Brazil EUR: 1%

Gold: 33%
ETFs physical gold: 22%
BGF World Gold E2 USD: 6%
ETF gold mines: GDX: 5%