Reminder: where and how to buy gold?

You feel gold is soaring..., at historical maxima in most currencies. For years, we have been advising that it would happen and some of you think that you missed it. Not so sure. The long-term perspective is brilliant, like gold itself. But in case you want to join the race, how do you buy it?

Very easy. We would give you some ideas here:

1. Go to your broker and buy an ETF of gold backed by physical gold. Many good ones. Just google it.
2. You can buy gold on/in the ground. How? You can buy gold mines. They are going to work as a mix between gold and the stock market. You can buy an ETF with several big ones, GDX, or small ones, GDXJ.
3. There is a beautiful and reliable program in Australia, called Perth Mint (link here). Check the list of distributors in your country.
4. Why not having bullions or non-numismatic coins directly? You can go to the shop or buy online. The only problem here is the storage (bank or private safe, house...). You do your maths.
5. Some firms offer the purchase and the storage in their safes under your name. It is a very efficient way of buying, but don’t feel confortable recommending specific names.

Remember if you hold stocks, it could be a good idea to own some gold, taking advantage of the negative correlation.