If we want to buy..., which stocks?

Here, we are not going to solve your doubts about the World collapsing or recovering. It is your decision to think one way or the other. However, if you believe there will be a recovery at the end of this year or next year, perhaps, it can be a very good opportunity to buy some high-quality shares which were unavailable some months ago (extremely high P/E ratios).

This is going to be a dense article, so let us start saying that these moments can be excellent to rebalance your portfolio and/or changing from funds to good shares.

Second question that arises is when we should start buying -please, again, if you believe the pandemic will get under control. We have not good solution for that. Be ready to receive the worst news in the US, etc.. Perhaps, starting in May, we can commence with a program of partial purchases. In any case, to find the best trigger, just remember:

The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets. Even if it is your own." Baron Rothschild.

Third, our target in SimplyNoRisk is not to get the best returns, but to suffer the least, therefore our stock picking is very defensive. We believe the following sectors can be good options:

Utilities: JXI ETF,

Healthcare: Parkway Life REIT, IXJ ETF,

Food and beverages: Diageo, Coca-Cola, XLP ETF

Technology: Alphabet, Verizon.

Others: Deutsche Post.

And to finish, please, don’t gamble: the travel industry is doomed. The recovery might not come for many cruise lines, airlines, hotels... Also be careful with malls, restaurants, bar chains.