Bitcoin, follow up

We have received many, many questions about bitcoin. We thought we were clear about it, but it seems not. Let us sum up our position:

1. We love bitcoin from a philosophical point of view, however we wouldn’t invest big money there.
2. Bitcoin is not working as it was supposed to do, transactions are slow and expensive.
3. There is a big difference between blockchain (technology behind bitcoin) and the bitcoin itself. Blockchain has a very bright future ahead.
4. Many people think bitcoin is already dead. We don’t know yet, however, just for the guys who held bitcoins from the beginning and sold half of the position in December (link), if we reach above 30,000, it could be a good moment to sell a high percentage of the remainings. It is like playing with the house money.

Some gurus don’t understand that they might be right about the bitcoin being a bubble, but markets like this one can very easily be manipulated and the price can keep on going up for a long time (story of Herbalife).