Bloomberg article: collapse in gold, huge withdrawals in gold ETFs. Really?

Let's check out the facts. We choose one of our favorite gold ETFs and see the holdings of gold month after month. In parenthesis we have added the price of gold at the end of the month when the amount is calculated:

Since the end of November 2014 (1167) until the end of April 2015 (1184) the ETF has held more or less the same amount of gold: 2824. During May it had a drop and the holdings ended up being 2675 (1184) which represents a decrease of around 5%. More or less it stayed the same during June 2615 (1175). The amount at the end of July hasn't come up yet. We will tweet it when we find it.

So, while we wait for the July's figures, so far we haven't seen anything out of range, only a reduction of 5% during one month. Perhaps, some news providers become a little bit exaggerated.