For real

OK, if we increase the monetary supply, our currency will be worth less against other currencies. However if all of then do it at the same time..., then all will sink against REAL STUFF.

For instance, diamonds. Check out the chart on the left (click on it to make it bigger). The diamond market is booming, because when you buy diamonds, you are buying something real with fiat money. Also it can be done in an anonymous way, with no reporting needed. Besides, as diamonds are very small, they are easily stored and the manufacturers always control the price (otherwise they just hold them).

The chart on the right shows the increase of art prices well above inflation in most of the cases. The art market is very inefficient so it makes sense to use some help when buying or creating a collection. Similar graphs can be found related to other items like whisky or fine wine.

Despite the high prices of real estate or stocks in many countries, what do you prefer to hold: sinking fiat money or something REAL?