Gold/Silver ratio

Yesterday, we attended a really interesting webinar about gold. Everyone was bullish there. It made sense: gold mine owners, gold sellers, gold gurus... We agreed in general, but it's always smart to find a counter party to double check our opinions.

In any case, we thought the conference was interesting because it clearly explained why we are suffering these big losses in gold price (shortage of physical gold at the end, paradox?), why 1/3 of junior gold mines are going to soar x20 or more while others may end up closing, and why silver is going to become the bet of the decade.

Now, two questions arise:

1. Should we trust the ETF with ticker GDXJ (junior gold mines) because we are not sure which mines are going to work well?

2. Do we think that silver is going to greatly overperform gold? The chart above shows the Gold/Silver ratio since 1976. Right now, we don't see any evidences that silver is stronger than gold.