Retirement: another point of view

In our previous articles under Retirement, we have wrote about calculating "the number" or the amount of money we needed to be able to get an early retirement. As we have shown, this figuring was not easy. We required to estimate inflation (official and real), returns on our investments (real estate, stocks, and bonds), and longevity. Unfortunately, the results were difficult to obtain under certain safe ranges.

Now, we are going to start a new series of articles about working out the cash flow for retirement, not the initial number. We will need to find out:
  • if real estate and stocks are good hedges for inflation,
  • if it is easy to find a low-paid flexible job to increase our cash-flow,
  • if it is interesting to use an inverse mortgage,
  • if it is possible to lower our expenses once retired.

As always, we will try to be as realistic as we can, including taxes and different places to live.