The amount of bad news against the European currency has been constant these last years. However, lately, prudent financial professionals have definitely walked ahead of the crowd betting on a euro crash. Trying to find signs of this theoretical drive, we look for the FOREX market.

If we check out the chart of the euro against dollar or EURUSD or EUR/USD, we appreciate that everything seems "under control" by the Central Banks, as we have said in a previous article. At certain point, some European countries will have to leave the euro zone to survive, though. Rogoff thinks that the euro will die before this decade (for a full collection of articles related to the euro's doom, check out nuevapeseta.com).

For readers who own a mortgage in foreign currency, the risk of a euro collapse is high, but we don't think it's going to be that immediate. Even the yen could crash before the euro!! In any case it's interesting to follow up all the related news just in case...