Let´s remember our C51

C51 is our own private algorithm to screen good opportunities in different stock markets. It could be either up or down. In SimplePairs we keep tracking different forms of C51 with full success.

With this small article, we just want to remember that it´s possible other type of trading. It´s possible to choose good stocks to go long and bad ones to go short, at the same time. This world is very dangerous to walk naked.

For instance, working within the Nasdaq universe, we find the following buying options: USMO, a small cap with high dividend, ARLP, a limited partnership again with high dividend, RGLD, which manages precious metal royalties, and CELL, which provides supply chain solutions to the wireless technology industry

On the short side (bearish stocks), we choose: UVSP, PACR, ASBC, and ISIS, a pharma company that is losing more money everyday.

C51 is a contrarian system, so it's common to feel that you are trading against your nature. That's good.