The definitive chart

When is the crisis going to be completely finished? When the stock market is going to start a long-term climb? The best tool we have found is to graph the S&P 500 Index paid in... gold (not USD). From 2000 we have seen a perfect decline (the 2007 stock market peak wasn´t real, as we can check out in our chart). In 2000 advanced investors started switching stocks for gold. They have made a great deal: from 5 to 0.84 (average from 2009). It all started in January 2000 and it could have finished in January 2009.

Now it might have started to rebound on the 1976 peak levels (see the oscillator divergence). Besides gold has become a popular investing which means it could be hugely overvalued. However, so far, we are not sure, we need some clear reverse pattern to conclude everything is over. We could be close, though.