Real estate crash in UK

British economy is sinking, and it will probably do worst on years to come. This is reflected in the GBP devaluation. The EURGDP is now prepared to attack the top resistance.

But in anycase, London is London, it is the world financial center. Shouldn't be a good idea to buy real estate over there? We have looked for some predictions for the real estate market and the following is what we have found:

-National Housing Federation: +25% in 5 years
-Nationwide, Knight Frank...: slightly up in a short term period
-Rightmove, United Trust Bank...: stagnation
-La Salle, Global Insight, Halifax, Lloyds: around -10% for next year
-London School of Economics, Savills, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley...: more than -25% for next year

As you may see, not a very promising investment according to this people.