Against the Tide. Portfolio evolution

As most of the readers know, in SimplyNoRisk we try to reduce pain. When fund managers compete to see who has a greater yield every year, we observe it from a healthy distance. That is not our target, but to CONSTANTLY create a sustainable portfolio that never suffers a terrible year.

On the right of our web, you can click on Portfolio Model for an example or here for a direct link.

As we show on the chart above, we have beaten REAL inflation (we use double the official one) and the drawbacks have never been awful. For instance:

2016  8.2%
2017  9.3%
2018  -7%
2019  2.3% (until today)

The idea of this portfolio, as explained in our book, is based on Harry Browne’s permanent portfolio, but with a more realistic approach. As you can imagine, we are very happy with the results.