Each day it is more common to find storage "in the cloud". The idea is to outsource the storage of our files, photos, etc... and leave it to a trusted third party such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Box, etc. To upload and download the files we use internet. To make sure nobody except us and our designated people has access to our content, we sign in with our passwords. Until here, everything is normal. But what if someone hacks the passwords or if someone cracks the cloud we are using?

We have 2 solutions for the above. For the first problem, we add another layer of safety, what is usually known as 2nd Verification Step or 2 Factor Authentication. The idea is that we have to have something physical with us to enter into our cloud, such as a token sent to our mobile through SMS or a number linked to our Google Authenticator App. For the second problem, we can locally encrypt the files we upload, so, even in the unlikely event of hackers copying our files, they wouldn't be able to read then.

Cloudfogger used to be a good option, but now it is not available anymore. Another possible option could be Cryptomator, very compatible and extremely easy to use. You can find their web here.