A lot of people ask us where we find good companies to buy. But before answering, we want to make clear that we are just going to show you how to screen a market to find THE STOCKS THAT COMPLY WITH CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS. It's up to everyone of you to choose these restrictions or parameters according to your particular vision of the economy.

There are many good stock screener webs for the US markets, but not so many for international shares. We are just going to give you a couple of names: Uncle Stock and Google Finance screener.

It's unbelievable that we can obtain so much valuable information without paying. Let's imagine that we are looking for an Australian company that pays more than 4% dividend and it is not very indebted, for instance with a debt to equity of less than 50%.

In both screeners, we just set up the requirements and receive two lists of stocks, one from Uncle Stock and the other from Google. Surprisingly the two lists are not exactly the same (depending on the data), but both are worth checking out.