The Real Crash

I've just finished reading The Real Crash: America's Coming Bankrupcy (Peter Schiff). It's a must-read book for all libertarians. Schiff's easy writing takes us through all different aspects of political and economical issues of the American Government. It's easy to apply the same concepts to European Governments. Globalization seems to have reach us all.

At the end, he gives practical solutions to preserve our wealth. He is betting on a high inflation scenario and a USD debacle. You can guess that he suggests gold, gold mines, certain foreign stocks...

There were only two parts that needed some clarification: a) The US health system has the worst of two worlds, not exclusively private, not totally public, with lobbies and third parties involved. It needs a full change. However, it's difficult for the free market to work in health related issues (how much will we pay to live 4 more years?, what about chronic diseases?). The totally public system has shown very low costs and successful results in many countries, but the transformation the US is proposing is not likely to work because it would need an up-and-down reform to reduce the costs that is unlikely to happen. b) His opinion about real estate in certain foreign countries with no bubble and high growth as a possible alternative investment. It could be a perfect inflation hedge.

To sum up: a very recommended read. Good job, Mr. Schiff.