What is happening?

Technically, nothing abnormal has happened, only a mere correction. Some days ago we expected the market to go down, and this is what occurred yesterday and will probably set in . Probably the market will reach the small blue rectangle (4th + 50% Fibonacci), and there, it could be a good place to start a new adventure. So far, we have started creating our portfolio based on our own money management algorithms, step by step, avoiding big buys. This philosophy has saved us a lot of money as we can tell today.

It´s amazing: the US debt downgrade was on schedule. It wasn´t a surprise. Fitch and Moody´s are not going to follow though. However, the world growth is slowing down. Data from Germany is not promising, France is going to follow Spain in the market attacks (France, AAA???), probably gold will continue going up, not as a commodity but as a currency... Difficult times, but in any case, please, remember to stay calm at all times. Sometimes the markets want us to think under some specific parameters to steal our money. Be ready to be contrarian when the time arrives.