EURCHF: quo vadis, domine?

Do you seriously think this is normal? When will the Swiss franc stop? After many years holding the 1.43 floor (small green arrows), the Swissy decided to head South, which is something we had in mind at the fourth attempt. However during the last two months it has shown a violence really difficult to see in other markets. We are diving in new waters, so it is very complicated to forecast anything. We just pinpoint 2 facts: 1. the only available floor is far away, at 0.84, and it will mean to cross the parity, which is absolutely crazy, 2. it will be really interesting to check out the third divergence in the oscillator when it occurs, because it could mean the end of the movement (red diagonal segment).

Buying CHF represents buying gold, as half of the Swiss currency is backed by gold. Not even the NOK (Norwegian Krona) is catching up. So far, we just wait and see the monthly close. It´s beautiful...