Our income statement

Part of our trading success comes from diverfication. Not all our positions our making money, but in general we are reasonably covered for changes in the market.

Let's start from the beginning:
  • Macro bets: EUR against gold is in reds for the first time since we start it. In any case, we keep on beliving in our asumptions so at certain point perhaps we will increase our stake. Commodites are working great and they could easyly fly high.
  • Stock pairs: banks are starting to improve, but we will need some more time. However electrics are doing great and mommy is over daddy towards our target.
  • C51: we have 2 FOREX pairs. One is getting dizzy playing in narrow band, while the other is sinking to its stop loss. This second one performed as a hedge against commodities.
  • L339: all of them are doing great. They started slow but now they are accelerating their gains.

We have a positive balance, but we seriously believe that best is yet to come.